Student Ministry


The Student Ministry at Newton Baptist Church exists to develop “Our Generation” to be the leaders that God has designed them to be.  Yes, our students are the next leaders but they don’t have to wait until they graduate or have a family.  They can lead today, right now, this exact time in their life.  With teaching, training, serving and much prayer, we at Newton Baptist desire to see a generation step up and be the leader God has called and commanded them to be.

Our purpose in the Student Ministry is to:

 1- Reach Lost Teens  2- To Inspire Love And Commitment To Christ  3- To Grow Strong Christians  4- To Prepare Young People For Adulthood And God’s Will  5- To Strengthen Family Relationships  6- To Protect From Satan’s Attacks  7- To Develop Godly Character 8- To Train Young People For Ministry

Service Times:

10:00 AM    Student LIFEGroup

11:00 AM     Sunday Morning Worship Service

6:00 PM        Sunday Evening Worship Service

7:00 PM       Wednesday Night Student Service



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