Worship God

Our Worship To the Lord is paramount in all we do at Lighthouse Baptist Church. The reason we gather together, the reason we sing, the reason we give, the reason we preach and teach points to Him!

Serve Others

Scripture is clear that the focus of the church should be about others. We serve others at Lighthouse Baptist Church through the many different ministries and programs. We believe God has gifted each person with a special talent for the work of serving others.

Go Forth

The Lord Himself came to earth for one reason and that was to seek and to save. We realize God has demonstrated through His own life the importance of “Going Forth”. We believe in being intentional about sharing our faith and getting the Gospel to our community and all the world. The command of “go” is fulfilled when we not only share our faith but baptize, disciple and train.

Enjoy Life!

God intended for His Children to not only labor with Him and for Him but to also enjoy the life He has so wonderfully given us. We have discovered that a life that Worships God, Serves Others and Goes Forth… is a life of great joy and blessings!