Lighthouse Baptist Church currently supports more than 50 missionaries who are taking the gospel of Christ throughout the world. These missionaries are supported through and sent by local independent Baptist churches. The members of Lighthouse Baptist Church have made the financial support of global evangelization a high priority.

In addition to foreign missions, Lighthouse Baptist Church has the desire to be involved in helping to establish new independent Baptist churches in the United States. Each year we strategically schedule special Sundays we call “Mission Emphasis” Days. During these days we invite new missionaries to present their burden to our church family as we prayerfully consider taking them on for monthly support. We also desire to be a part of foreign mission trips to train missionaries and national pastors and to establish churches on foreign fields. Our church host annual Missions Conference along with our “Mission Emphasis” Days to continue to help our church maintain a heart for world-wide missions.

Below is a list of supported missionaries we are honored to partner with to get the Gospel to all the World.

Lazarus Mekhail Benjamin – Egypt, Stephen Underwood – South Africa, Mark Coffey – South Africa, Stephen Knickerbocker – Burkina Faso, Dallas Brown – Burkina Faso,  

Melvin Biggs – Southeast Asian Countries, Stan Prussia – Philippines, Russell Stanford – Japan, Touch Keo – Cambodia, Jesse Turpin – Indonesia, Jim Roberts, Sr. – India, Sam Quinn – India, James Miyashita – Japan

Joseph Marshall – Queensland, Zach Whitener – Mongolia,

Daniel Flowers – France, Levi Mullins – England, Chris Waye – London, Stetson Planck – Italy, Micah Rastelli – Bosnia

Atlanta Baptist College – USA, Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission – USA, Terry King (Ark Youth Ministries) – USA, Bill Griffin (Director of Enrichment BIMI) – USA, Keith Bridges (Oregon) – USA, Camp O the Woods – Canada, Christian Law Association – USA, Paul Smith (Citizen Impact) – USA, Gary Ellison (Hispanics) – USA, John Burnette (Prisons) – USA, Dean Hamby (Director MWBM) – USA,  James Hansard – USA, David Rasnake (California) – USA,  Terry Martin (Prisons) – USA,  Shenandoah Boys Ranch (Tennessee) – USA, Trinity Baptist Seminary – USA, Wings Bearing Precious Seed (Bibles) – USA, Good News Club (Jackson, Georgia) – USA, Bruce Berry (Director of South America MWBM)USA

Dwayne Spear – Brazil, John Speight – Brazil, Bruce Berry – Brazil, Jason Holt – Chile, Daniel Sparks – ChilePatrick Henry – Argentina, Jason King – Argentina, Raleigh Hill – Argentina, David Gardner – Peru

Steve Buchanan – Puerto Rico, Alexander Spear – Puerto Rico, Jeff Carney – Yucatan, Wes Smith – Dominican Republic, Manuel Gomez – Mexico, Wayne Cooke – Guatemala, James White – Martinique